This document contains the technical details that the merchant candidates of Teqpay are going to need while the integration process with Teqpay's payment methods. Our system uses the latest technologies and keep being updated in order to fullfit into developing technologies, business requirements and legal regulations.

Note: Teqpay payment services consists of Common Payment Page and API services. API services contains vPOS, Wire Transfer, E-wallets, and carrier billing web services.

Attention! !In order to work on Teqpay Common Payment Page, you need to receive ApiKey and SecretKey informations from Teqpay team.

Teqpay Common Payment page allows you to easily pay all your payment transactions from a single place with defined payment methods.

If you still want to create your own payment page, then you can use our web services that is easy to integrate and developed for each payment method. Authentication (ApiKey and SecretKey) of the merchant that will make payment without the need of any additional information is taken along with the information of the payment process.

Attention! Informations

  • Please note that informations provided for the test environment should be used only until the integration of the Teqpay Common Payment Page and API services is completed.

  • In the production environment, make sure that no incorrect fixed data is sent. Please control the data of the sent requests.

  • Please edit your code to cover all errors returned from the Teqpay Common Payment Page and API services and show the appropriate response to your customer.

  • Please remember to change the data in test environment with data for production environment and also authentication info.

  • Please be sure that you log the informations and responses which are critical for you.

  • Ensure that the integration complies with the Personal Data Protection Act for end users.

  • All web services response in JSON format.

  • The fields that are used while requesting the web services might be variant.

  • For all the methods to be used, Price field must be sent using a dot. For Example 10.00

  • The error codes that the service returns are described on "Error Codes" page.

Warning ! Authentication Information is the information given to the merchant by Teqpay team for the use of services. This information is notified by Teqpay to the merchant

Test Url: https://merchant-test.teqpay.com/api/teqpay

Prod Url: https://merchant.teqpay.com/api/teqpay


Response Parameter
Parameter Name Parameter Type Explanation
Result boolen It specifies the result of operation. Gets either "true" or "false".
ResultCode String Teqpay result code of the payment transaction
ResultMessage String This is the description of the response returned at the end of the transaction. Provides language support according to the Language field.

For successful results in all transactions;
Result: true,
ResultCode: 10000,
ResultMessage: Successfully completed. returns parameter values.

The contents of ResultMessage vary according to the type of process

Response Sample

The service response is given in JSON format as an example below.

          "result": true,
          "resultCode": 10000,
          "resultMessage": "Transaction Successful"